Marketing 101 dictates that a full 30% of your operating budget should be marketing. Where do your marketing efforts reside in your budget? Your operating budget includes rent, power, telephone, other utilities, and marketing.


Unfortunately many businesses set up shop without any marketing budget, they figure they can throw a flyer out there, as well as their building sign, and call it good. It isn't. You need a plan.


We specialize in developing small to medium sized business plans, identifying the ideal marketing outlets and social media, then developing an annual plan of attack. It is developed with your budget, maximizes the potential, and proceed with a detailed plan.


Items that should be in your marketing plan ...

  • Printed Materials, brochures, business cards, flyers, hang tags, door hangers, etc.
  • Trade Shows, festivals and fairs
  • Social Media
  • Web Site
  • Press Releases
  • Local School/Team/Non Profit Sponsorships
  • Anything that is specific to your business


Many of your printed materials only need be ordered annually or less frequently, depending upon how many you go through in the year. The other items need to be listed on a month-to-month basis, with your annual calendar planned out. You always need to add a little buffer zone for the school and other non-profit sponsorships such as golf tournaments, school calendars, etc


Items we do not recommend include local maps, magnets, and other materials promoted by out-of-town entities. They do not work, and are a huge waste of your valuable resources. Items such as chamber of commerce books can be useful, however they are usually printed in such minute numbers, their cost is usually not feasible. Chamber books are often mailed to potential new businesses who contact the Chamber for local information. Normally, however, you will see little return on your investment. It is more to be considered a donation to your Chamber.


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